"I was impressed by the vitality and innovative techniques of the 
“I am the Tiger” performance"

Dr Karan Singh, President of ICCR
"A fabulous one woman show. I was totally floored by the way Shivani bought together so many concepts, from mythology to dance to environmental preservation. One could see that her heart was deep into the performance and the cause"

Ms Sangeeta Bahadur, Director of the Nehru Centre, London
"Ripping presentation and very skillful action. What I liked about "I am the Tiger" is that it is compact and conveys the important message by involving the youth. Shivani was outstanding. A first class production."

Mr Rajesh Prasad, Indian Deputy High Commissioner
"Parts of your performance reveal the agony and trauma of how tigers can suffer at the hands of man and were truly powerful to watch. Having worked with tigers for 36 years I wish you the very best in your endeavours."

Vamik Thapar
"The message was so hard-hitting that I was involuntarily reduced to a silently sobbing mess – visualizing with horrific clarity the cruel fate of all the majestic Tigers I have been humbled in front of in Kanha, and other Tiger reserves, known to have been poached over the last 20 years. Between surges of my emotions – deep sadness, anger and helplessness - I could hear coughs of suppression and sniffs of agreement coming from all areas of the much moved audience. We were all absolutely stunned, and Shivani received a rapturous standing ovation by every being privileged to be there."

Margie Watts Carter - Environmentalist
"A very worthwhile topic to introduce to the children these are the children who are going to deal with the problem and of course it was very nicely presented."

Mr Knox, St James School, London
"The performance was fantastic ; not only were we able to see the children doing some good artwork but a lovely show by Shivani."

Ms Yvette Lewington, Head of Art of the Gems Hampshire School, London
"I felt honoured to be part of such a distinguished audience, and the performance itself was both moving and poignant."

Ms Shane Winser, Royal Geographical Society
"It’s a pleasure and privilege to be able to support an initiative which is not only so worth while in terms of championing the cause of endangered wildlife but close to our hearts both as artists who, like I Am the Tiger project, recognise the value of art for raising awareness about important issues that affect us all and as Ambassadors for Liverpool decade of Health and Wellbeing who are entrusted with the task of encouraging more people to ‘Take Notice’ of and value the world we live in."

The Singh Twins, Artists from Liverpool
"I could just see a wonderful story telling, dancing, percussive fable emerging."

Diana Quick, Actor & Writer
"I wanted to thank Shivani Wazir Pasrich Productions for areallly memorable capsule which raised the bar at our event and gave our guests a feel of what Responsible Entertainment’ could be!" "Some of our guests actually had moist eyes towards the end of the performance and if you can move an audience to emote with you, that’s a really evolved entertainment offering."

Punam Singh, London & Partners
"A remarkably moving piece that kept us all, the audience completely enthralled. The project needs moral and financial support. It exhibits great acting and showcasing: "Save the Tiger" is the one- arching message that needs to be constantly propagated."

Mr Fali Nariman, Ex Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath, Principal, Lady Shri Ram College

Ms.Monika Kapil Mohta, Ambassador of India to Poland and Lithuania Warsaw
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